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The Section of Chinese and Mathematics teaching is a second level teaching unit in the Public education department. Associate Professor You Yang Serves as director, in charge for teaching and administrative work in the Teaching Department. Mrs. Xie Qiuying and Miss Lin Yanqing serves as secretaries.The Section of Chinese and Mathematics teaching attaches closely to the training orientation of Applied Talents in schools.It emphasizes the discipline characteristics of "thick foundation, wide caliber, heavy application, high quality and strong ability", pays attention to shaping students' scientific literacy and humanistic quality, and improves students' thinking ability and expression ability, to train highly qualified applied talents with strong professional foundation, good professional ethics, strong practical ability, innovative spirit and international vision.

The teaching section mainly undertakes the professional basic courses of the school: Higher Mathematics A, Higher Mathematics B, Advanced Mathematics C, Advanced Mathematics (special upgraded), Linear Algebra, Linear Algebra B, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Probability Theory; Required Courses of Public Fundamental:College Chinese and other public elective courses. In addition, the teaching section also undertakes the teaching work of advanced mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics postgraduate entrance examination tutorial class.

The teaching section resolutely implements the work arrangement of the school teaching development center, Strengthen the teaching organization, teaching quality monitoring work, and comprehensively promote the curriculum construction. The Teaching Department sets up a teaching guidance sub committee, listen classes andassessment classes group, teaching teams and other institutions, to perfect teaching quality monitoring and guarantee system.

In recent years, the teaching quality of the teaching department has been significantly improved. Such as students in mathematics and Chinese language competition in the breakthrough success. The teaching section won the advanced unit of our school for postgraduate entrance examination.

While shouldering heavy teaching tasks,the teaching section attaches great importance to scientific research and pays attention to promoting teaching by research. In recent years, a total of 3 monographs have been published by the teachers of this teaching department, there are more than 40 papers published in domestic journals and other professional journals, including a number of papers published in core journals and 8 patents for inventions.

The research and educational reform projects are in progress:In 2015, the Fujian Provincial Office of Education (excellent resource sharing course innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional education integration) project 1, 2016 Provincial Education Hall of young teachers of social science project 2, 2017 provincial general project 1, 2017 Provincial Education Hall youth project 2. In addition, there are 2 key construction coursesat school level and 3 teaching research projects at school level in 2016.

The teaching section actively practice the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship education, the prosperity of campus culture, enrich extracurricular activities, to create a "Mathematical Modeling" club, "the Campus Literature" club, "College Mathematics" club, build learning, communication, communication, development platform for students to carry out rich and colorful activities, and achieved excellent results.


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